FARO Mips Size Guide

Follow this guide to find your size.

Helmet sizes are based on the circumference of your head.
Follow this guide to learn how to measure it and then look for it in our size guide.

01. Measure your head.

To determine the correct size, use measuring tape or string to measure the circumference of your head 1 cm above the eyebrows. If using a string, measure it end to end with a ruler.

02. Consider the shape of your head.

You have already measured the circumference of your head, now consider its shape to find your size in the size guide. Do you have an oval or round head?



03. Find your size in the size guide table.

Find your size in the size guide according to your head circumference measurement and shape.

 Size Oval Head Shape Round Head Shape
S 52.0cm - 55.0cm / 20.4in - 21.6in 52.0cm - 54.0cm / 20.4in - 21.2in
M 55.5cm - 59.5cm / 21.8in - 23.4in 54.5cm - 58.0cm / 21.4in - 22.8in
L 60.0cm - 62.5cm / 23.6in - 24.6in 58.5cm - 60.5cm / 23.0in - 23.8in